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Friends we live in a culture of almost continous pornographic saturation. It is an age of increasing impurity and of intensifying pressure to give in and be swept away with the current of debauchery. The word "pornography" comes from two Greek words and literally means "the writings of the whore". We often think of it only as lewd pictures in some unspeakable magazine or perhaps on the internet or in a seedy back alley bookstore, but it is so much more. It is symptom and a cause of the outpouring of human lust. It is the continual mindset of a God-less culture. I am reminded of the description of Noah's times in the book of Genesis. We are told that "every imagination" of the peoples hearts were "only evil continually". Nothing produces this result quite like pornography. It seeps into the mind and the heart and twists the beauty of something that God designed for marriage into something ugly and coarse. It warps the mind into a place where ever interaction is tainted by immorality. "To the pure all things are pure" BUT "to the defiled everything is defiled". In the classical understanding of pornography we find an almost exclusively male problem. Men are designed visually and this is the most common form and fashion of this evil. NO MAN is immune and the statistics are staggering as to those affected by this isidious evil. It is the secret shame and sin of many in the church today and even those in leadership. I myself have faced it's allurement and it is only by God's grace that I have been delivered from it's tantalizing clutches. Men the Bible calls us to lives of PURITY and this is PURITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE. In our marriages our wives deserve our COMPLETE FIDELITY not just our "physical faithfulness". Jesus taught us in the book of Matthew that "to look upon a woman with lust is to have commited adultery with her in the heart". Friend that is no small matter! While we know that there is an actual difference between the two and SOME of the consequences are mitigated when it is only a "voyouristic" relationship Jesus is clearly highlighting the fact that we are allowing poison into our souls which will choke out our fellowship with God and will ultimately destroy us, our marriages and our families! If you are a man and you are struggling with this please, please, please seek help before it is to late! Call me directly or contact many of the fine organizations that are available to help you. If you have children in the house or are a man who (or a wife whose man) is on the internet frequently I would like to suggest a monitoring service called "covenant eyes" which provides internet accountability to selected partners. I could go on and on concerning the practical help which is available but suffice it to say that God has provided many souces of practical assistance for those wise enough to seek it. My main concern in this posting however is to give you pause to think Biblically about this critical topic. In Proverbs the two great topics continually addressed are immorality and drunkeness. Solomon in his great wisdom and under the Holy Spirit's direction knew that it was crucial that the treachery of the pornographic mindset be exposed. The danger is just as real and perhaps even greater in the age in which we exist today. Our sons and daughters are growing up in a culture that encourages girls to look like prostitutes and guys to be predators in gradeschool. I challenge you to try to buy decent modest clothing for an 8 year old girl! You can do it but it will take a great  effort, why? Because we as a society have bought into the pornography pitfall, everyone knows "sex sells" and we kind of chuckle with sheepish embarrasment at that admission. What we need as men and woman of God is to turn to THE BOOK and let it guide our thinking. We need to turn off "Sex in The City", "E.R." "CSI Miami" and the countless other shows that bombard us with PORNOGRAPHIC propoganda. Ladies turn off the Soap Opera's that are FILLED with SMUT and, put down the "Romance novels and Fashion Magazines. Fellows how about not watching those filthy commercials or cheerleaders during the ball games and listening to those slightly off color jokes in the breakrooms. What about turning off our rock and country music that preaches a lifestyle of casual and carnal relationships and even going so far as to replace it with music that edifies and builds up the Spiritual man. Let's instead fulfill the command found in Phillipians 4:8 "Finally brethren whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are PURE, whatsoever things are lovely, IF there be any VIRTUE and IF there be any PRAISE... THINK on THESE things" Lets take back our thought-life from the  evil one and instead "bring every though into captivity"  to the "obedience of Christ" II Corinthians 10:5. In other words lets think like Christians BY THE BOOK.                              

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