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Our society is increasingly embracing the homosexual lifestyle as a normal and natural  alternative to heterosexuality. It seems as though every day there is another story in the news about same-sex "marriage" or "homosexual rights". For several years now a rather small minority has been aggressively promoting the homosexual lifestyle. Their primary vehicles of promotion have been  the entertainment industry and the secular public education system. In more recent years, however, emboldend by their success in these two arenas they have pushed further into the courts and  legislature of our country. Now with an openly pro-homosexual president and a plethara of sympathizers in both the House and the Senate we can expect more of the same and with greater impact on our society. Hate laws are being adopted as a vehicle to intimidate or suppress opposition to their radical views. We may very soon see Bible believing pastors, teachers and speakers fined and imprisoned with regularity. Christians need to be aware and alert to what the Bible says not only about the homosexual lifestyle but also about the people and nations that embrace it as a norm even though they may not actively practice it themselves. Let's examine this BY THE BOOK. In Genesis we are introduced to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and given God's estimation of them Genesis 13:13 says that "The men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly". A few chapters later God tells Abraham of His plans to judge these cities by destroying them with fire! Abraham intercedes with God to spare the cities in Genesis 18. How striking it is that not even TEN righteous souls could be found there! Such is the pervasive wickedness of a society marked by homosexuality. The carnal lust of the men of Sodom is on full display when they desire to rape the very angels that God sends to Lot for deliverance. God clearly denounces the sin of homosexuality in his law. See Leviticus 18:22-30 and also Leviticus 20:13. It is also mentioned as sin in I Corinthians 6:9 and I Timothy 1:10. Perhaps the most telling passage of Scripture on the topic however is found in Romans chapter one where we see the downward spiral of sin as man rejects the God of the Bible. I encourage you to examine our own society in light of this passage of The BOOK. In verse 18 Paul tells us that God's wrath(anger) is revealed from heaven agaist ungodly men who suppress His truth while acting unrighteously. 19 and 20 remind us that God's existence and authority are self evident from the natural creation around us. Our nation's founding fathers knew this and that is why all of our founding documents and many of our national traditions are abounding in their acknowledgements of and thankfulness to God. Verses 21-23 show us the beginning of the descent away from God. Notice that it is in the rebellious heart of man that the root of the problem lies. Man chose to be unthankful and refused to give God the glory and worship due Him. Man professed to be wise enough to not need God and therefore showed himself to be the greatest of fools. As a culture we have embraced the absolutely indefensible folly of evolution. We have declared that those who truly believe in the God of the Bible and in the Bible itself are ignorant and uninformed. We believe that we are to far to "wise" and  "evolved" to need a crutch like God or His Word to guide and teach us. At the very least we have relegated "faith" to a small part of our existence limited to occasional expressions in "appropriate" settings like church or a funeral service. God will not be mocked by this and in verses 24 and following we find that He turns a culture over to their own folly. verses 26-28 in particular plainly declare that open homosexual expression will be the hallmark of such a society. Interestingly enough every great empire whose demise is recorded in human history has born that hallmark shortly before their final collapse. Verses 29-32 recount the vices and debauchery that accompany a "godless" generation. Frighteningly these verses sound almost like a copy of todays newspaper or the top stories on the evening news. One intersting and final thing to note is that the chapter closes by denouncing not only the wicked people engaged in the vile behavior but also those who "have pleasure in them that do them". Have you considered what you watch on your television recently? As a Christian I certainly hope that you would not be engaged in the behaviours listed, but I fear that many of us are actively engaged on a daily basis in taking pleasure in the filth of our society  vicariously through out televisions. In conlusion then we see that homosexuality is a sympton of  a people who have turned their back on God and are in the process of judgement. IT IS SIN plain and simply! We show just how foolish and godless we have become when churches and denominations even entertain the notion of ordaining or sanctioning those engaged in this moral perversion. Homosexuals need to warned lovingly yet firmly by all true christians to repent and turn to Christ. As do all drunkards, adulterers, murderers etc. And as believers we desperatly need to wake up and view homosexuality and our own lives BY THE BOOK before it is too late.                                    

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