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This past election I was horrified to hear of some professing Christians giving their support to a candidate who supported abortion and acting as though abortion is not really a big issue. When I look at what the Book has to say I must strongly disagree! The Scripture teaches that God is the author of life and that He places great value on it. In Exodus 20:12 God says that any man that kills another shall be put to death! In the same chapter and verse 22 the scripture teaches that if a man accidentally causes a women who is pregnant to lose her baby he is to be punished. Yet today across this nation men put unborn babies to death by the thousands ON PURPOSE! These men are not punished, but rather respected and even PAID for their awful deed! The media talks about a woman’s right to choose whether or not she wants her baby to live or die while it is in her body. Our society still has enough scruples to be horrified if a small child is murdered, yet if that child is still in the womb many people think nothing of that tiny life being ended! Why is this the case? We as a society have embraced an evolutionary way of thinking that teaches every man for himself. The argument is that life begins at birth, and not conception. This thought contradicts observation, science, and the Word of God. In Gen. 25:23 God tells Rebekah that 2 nations are in her womb. In Isaiah the prophet says repeatedly that God had called him from the womb, and in Psalm 139:13 the Psalmist speaks to the fact that God covered him while he was still in the womb! The bottom line is that life is a miracle creation of God that begins before birth at the moment of conception. To choose to end that life whether still in the womb or not is MURDER! It is a very big issue in God’s eyes and as Christians we need to view Abortion By THE BOOK.

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